First aid and wilderness survival


Wilderness & First Aid Training for Our Community

Our mission is to provide our community with a fun method of learning how to handle an emergency in both the urban and wilderness environment.  Our students will be prepared to save lives.  Our students will have the first aid and survival knowledge base necessary to safely plan adventures.  Our goal is for students who make good decisions and are confident to adventure forth.


What We Do

We think that everyone should be prepared to act in the case of an emergency.  Whether you are hiking afield, or attending a soccer game, when an accident occurs we will train you to respond calmly and capably.  Whether it is an allergic reaction or a broken arm, our students can act appropriately.  We train both children and adults to perform CPR.   And, we want everyone in our community to know how to use an AED. 


About Us

Our instructors have skills in both teaching and doing.  We are all patrollers with the National Ski Patrol and are certified as Instructors by either the National Ski Patrol or the American Red Cross.  We love the outdoors and know how to be safe and prepared when adventuring.  Our students receive certifications from either the American Red Cross or the National Ski Patrol.



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